Treat yourself to a freshly prepared, colourful breakfast box to start your day the best way possible!

Curl up on the sofa or invite friends over for a movie night to remember with our classic Belgian Liege waffles made to your specification. Our versatile boxes are great for a romantic evening in, or a fun way to entertain your children by letting them create their own designs. Don't forget to tag us in pictures!

Our boxes will be delivered to your door with freshly made waffles and ingredients.

Delivery is included for orders within 7.5 miles of Reigate, Surrey. Delivery to outside this area will incur an additional Delivery fee.

*NEW* The Trick or Treat Box 

Our Creepy chocolate waffles with tricks including, Bewitching blueberry eyeballs, Candyfloss cobwebs, Haunted Halloween Haribo, Petrifying popping candy, Ghostly white chocolate, Freaky fangs

BOO-nanaBogey green Chantilly cream and also a selection of treats that include, Magnificent marshmallows, Spectacular strawberries, Marvelous milk chocolate, Super sweet satsuma, Heavenly hazelnut chocolate, Terrific toffee apple, Gorgeous gooey brownies and Scrumptious smarties.

Available 26.10.2020 - 01.11.2020

4 Person: £40                   6 Person: £60


*NEW* The Christmas Box 

Our classic Belgian Liege waffles, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana chips, orange, homemade cinnamon spiced apple fritters, homemade warming chilli chocolate brownies, homemade gingerbread, homemade honeycomb, homemade raspberry meringue kisses, homemade lemon curd and apricot jam drops, homemade chocolate orange truffles, marshmallows, liquid milk chocolate, liquid white chocolate, liquid hazelnut milk chocolate, liquid salted caramel, Morello cherry compote, crushed hazelnuts, crushed pistachios, caramelised nuts, Chantilly cream and Champagne Chantilly cream.

6 person, available 6am - 11am Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day: £95

The Breakfast Box:

Our classic Belgian Liege waffles, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, banana, orange, passion fruit, homemade meringue, homemade honeycomb, homemade shortbread, coconut shavings, smashed pistachios, maple syrup, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut milk chocolate and Chantilly cream.

2 Person: £20                   4 Person: £35                    6 Person: £55

The Movie Night Box:

Our classic Belgian Liege waffles, strawberries, blueberries, Raspberries, banana, sprinkles, homemade shortbread, homemade brownie, homemade honeycomb, sweet popcorn, smashed pistachios, marshmallows, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut milk chocolate, liquid salted caramel and Chantilly cream.

2 Person: £20                    4 Person: £35                    6 Person: £55

The Date Night Box:

A fondue style box with; our classic Belgian Liege waffles, milk chocolate, hazelnut milk chocolate, white chocolate, liquid salted caramel, passion fruit, strawberries, blueberries, banana, grapes, marshmallows, smashed nuts, mini Oreos, homemade honeycomb, homemade brownie, Chantilly cream and chocolate truffles.

Date: £25                    Double date: £45

The DIY Box: 

Create your own box. Our classic Belgian Liege waffles with a choice of 16 toppings from the list below, feel free to double up on your favourites! 

Milk chocolate, milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate, liquid salted caramel, liquid peanut butter, Biscoff sauce, maple syrup, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, passion fruit, kiwi, orange, homemade shortbread, homemade meringue, homemade honeycomb, homemade brownie, marshmallow, crushed peanuts, crushed hazelnuts, crushed pistachios, organic coconut shavings, freeze dried raspberries, fudge, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, mini Oreos, popping candy, sweet popcorn and Chantilly cream.

4 Person: £45                    6 Person: £65

All boxes served with wooden cutlery and palm leaf plates. All of our packaging is sustainable, recyclable and where possible biodegradable

All orders require a minimum of 24 hrs notice.

Grazing Boxes

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